April 16, 2009



The two examples that I have found that use a die-cut are two cd packages. The first is a Pearl Jam album, in which two circles have been removed from the interior of the package to reveal central aspects of the actual disk. The second is an album by the band Death Cab For Cutie. On this album cover, the die-cut is on the cover of the album insert. The albums insert, like the Pearl Jam album, uses circular die-cuts. However this album uses it on the exterior and actually reveals a small image from the inside pages of the book. Die-cuts add an interesting edge to the package or look and feel of a product and can add intrigue by revealing portions of aspects of the product or material.





Embossing is definitely a way to add some appeal to a given product. Many products that I purchase use embossing as a way to draw the consumer in by presenting the package is a way that seems very considered and professional. The two products that I have chosen, with an emboss, are Stride gum and Camel cigarettes. The packaging for Stride gum is a fold out package that presents the gum within pouches. On the lower-most pocket the word Stride is embossed on the outside of the pocket. A large “S” is also embossed on the outside of the package which isn’t as noticed by the eye but more recognized by the hand. The second, Camels package for cigarettes, is one that I acquired from the Czech Republic. These cigarettes have a similar package to the U.S. variant, yet have a more simple design. Both, however, have the Camel brand embossed on the front of the package. The actual image of the camel in the desert is also embossed, which I am not sure you find on the U.S. Camel packages. I find it interesting that only the front image and text are embossed. Perhaps because it opens from this side, so it deserves the highest level of interest.







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