April 16, 2009


Thermography is something that I have always recognized as a huge printed technique for buisness cards. So it’s no surprise to me that my exmaples consist of just that…buisness cards. Thermography has a nice feel and adds just a little smidge of interest to any buisness card. I read on the internet that thermography is often times refered to as poor mans engraving in that it’s a cheap process. However cheap it may be, I think that it does have a nice surface quality.


Scoring and Perforating//

The Hunter Art Museums brochures had scored folds on the inside of their tri-fold, which presents a map of their location in Chattanooga and locations of the art within their collection. The brochure uses scoring in order to have the paper fold in the exact same spot every tim. Scoring is found in most paper products that fold so that they fold in a desired way and are easily used by a customer. This brochure is well put together and doesnt take any effort to open or close, thanks to the scoring of the fold. The example for perforating is a concert ticket. Concert tickets or any sporting event tickets are usually perforated since they usually remove one end of the ticket. Its also nice that they are perforated because they provide you with memorabilia and the arena with documentation of your purchase. 


scoring and perforating

scoring and perforating


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