April 16, 2009

Last week we were payed a visit by networking extraordinaire Cindy Li. Cindy hosted a talk at Green Spaces, here in town, about Networking without the Ick. Within her presentation she discussed various outlets and opportunities to network with people of similar interests via the internets. She further discussed how accessing these social networks can have infinite benefit within both your personal and professional life. She warned that to have two much gray space in between the two can be slightly detrimental to either side if not kept under close watch. The application of privacy settings or use of multiple accounts, can be a secured decision in reference to managing these two lives. I have to admit that I am used to being slightly more transparent and not so polished for a separate crowd…so it was definitely interesting to see how other professionals operate in a corporate world. Cindy also joined us for our lunch hosted by Coptix at Easy Bistro. The night was capped off at CreateHere, which is also a place that I have recently been employed by…awesome, with a talk giving similar subject matter. Cindy made this one just as interesting as the one earlier in the day by honing in on specific individuals that she knows that have become connected and have had successful experiments due to social networking. Overall this day was quite an overload, but full of interesting people and information, not to mention free food…which lets face it, makes it all worth it.


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