April 12, 2009

Leslie took us on a trip to National Print Group last week, which could be the last but not the least of a slue of many great field trips to printers. National Print group was an amazing experience. National Print Group has the largest printer in the whole entire country. An aspect that I thought was quite entertaining about this printer is that it was built in Germany, in which individuals from National signed off on and then the same people that constructed the printer in Germany, come to the states and build it here and have it signed off on again to ensure the same construction. Not sure why the idea of this insurance of quality, is so entertaining or interesting tome…perhaps its that the printer costs millions of dollars which blows my mind. The tour that we were given included many aspects of the types of printing that they do and the various clients that they have. National Print Group has huge clients such as Lowes, and Walmart…also doing print work for other huge businesses that are household names. This place is huge in both the physical sense and as a business. As usual thanks to Leslie, the guys over at National Print group were very accommodating and gracious to take time out of their day to give us a detailed tour of their work space.


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