December 1, 2008



The process of designing and applying compounding pieces for a portfolio site was an experience that i found rather frustrating and exciting as well. Using the web as a tool of self promotion visa via the web is a useful tool for informing individuals about yourself, what you do, processes, philosophy, and provide a visual reference of your work. Creating a look and feel to my site was intriguing because unlike past websites this was a direct representation of myself so i was at liberty to use colors, images, information, layouts, and typography at my discretion. 


My work for this project had its share of success and failures….like most projects due. The identity and visual aspects where the same as my rough ideas from the beginning which is something that I was really glad to see. However the application of the style sheet and html hindered the project in that they weren’t as accessible as I would have hoped. 


In the coming months I hope to launch my website as a fully function tool for myself and peoples on the web. It will be an excellent tool for promoting myself, reference for clients, and just because having your own website is awesome!


As the culmination of my first web design class I feel that this project was the most exciting, which seems appropriate since it is the end of the semester and everyone is running low on ideas and energy. Im glad to have had the experience in designing and marking up a web site for something that is as important to me as my work and career.